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About:Media — 3 tips to help journalists debunk misinformation

By Craig Silverman, Poynter., Monday Oct. 21, 2013

Having the truth on your side is a necessary thing when trying to debunk misinformation. But it’s far from enough.

The truth alone does not change minds, create belief. Convincing people of your argument, or correcting someone else’s lies, requires more than unearthing the truth and reciting the facts. So what’s a journalist to do?

Overall, journalists need to understand that how you present your facts is a major factor in effective debunking.

If you want someone to believe something, don’t shower them with facts and stats; craft that supporting material into a story, a counter-narrative that makes sense as a story and makes it easy for the person to remember your main point. Seek out sources who help push that narrative but won’t harm it with partisan baggage

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