Upcoming Events on Knew The News

Right now, the GOP primaries are a hot topic in US politics. Follow the candidate nomination on Knew The News: http://www.knewthenews.com/Tag/GOP Coming up: The 2012 Formula 1 season. Will Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) be able to win again? http://www.knewthenews.com/Tag/formula+1 March Madness: NCAA Basketball will freak out! http://www.knewthenews.com/Tag/ncaab Long term: UEFA Soccer European Championship: http://www.knewthenews.com/Tag/euro+2012

Knew The News relocated

During the last several months, I have been busy relocating. As you may see, this is a very time consuming matter. Nevertheless, most of you may not even have noticed that I’ve been around less once in a while – which is a good thing! As you know, Knew The News aims to be self-organizing, […]