1st anniversary

On december 1st, Knew The News is online in Beta for one year. We will celebrate this day on Knew The News with extra decoration, extra presents for the visitors, and cake. Lots of cake. Be sure to register to the event, so you will not miss it on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/244929212234671/ Within the first year […]

Top Featured Markets November 2011

Which of these songs will be the Top Christmas Cracker on the UK Top 40? Who is going to win USA"The X Factor"? Will there be a White Christmas this year in New York City? How many US banks will fail in 2011? Volvo Ocean Race: Which team will win the race? What team will […]

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Go to the Donate page and donate any amount of money to Knew The News. In return, you will get a unique Knew The News sticker! 1 Donation = 1 Sticker