New Developments

Enhanced Market Creation The market creation wizard has been enhanced with the ability to fetch background information about a news topic by simply providing an url to an article on a news site. The wizard automatically reads the keywords from the given page, a summary and an image – if provided by the website. Market […]

Top Featured Markets June 2012: Promoted Markets

Will Justin Bieber beat Lady Gaga with followers on twitter as of Dec-31-2012? Win: 20 US$ Coupon! CPI2012 Corruption Perception Index 2012: Will United States improve 2011rank of 24 to 23 or higher? Predict and win an voucher! Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie: What will the name of the new baby? Predict and […]

Sponsors and promotions: Valueable ways to reach out to potential customers

Knew The News, the free online news prediction game, introduces a new way to promote products and companies on their site. In addition to common, content related advertisements provided by affiliate programs and add networks, advertisers act as site sponsors, providing incentives for players on the site. In contrast to advertisement forms used on the […]

June 2012 promoted market: 2012 Stanley Cup Final: Who will win?

Win: Amazon 12.50 US$ Gift Voucher! Correctly predict: 2012 Stanley Cup Final: Who will win? and take part in the raffle for the voucher. (Voucher may also be 10.- EUR or 8.- GBP) 2012 Stanley Cup Final: Who will win?