Users operate and develop Website independently: Collective Intelligence defines the game

Online news prediction site “Knew The News” is the first to rely on the collective intelligence of its users to run and further develop the website. By doing so Knew The News goes beyond what similar websites offer. Each player is not only responsible for the questions that he or she creates, but ultimately for the entire website itself. The success of the website is a result of the collective intelligence of the players on the site.

Top Featured Markets August 2011

When will the first Hurricane of the 2011 season (June 1st – November 30th) be in the Gulf of Mexico? Climate Change: How bad will Holland’s 2011 summer be? Tennis: who will win the US Open Men’s Singles? Emmy Awards 2011: Outstanding Drama Series Will there be more than 140 votes in favor of a […]

Community efforts, first decisions

Knew The News makes its promise real and will impose new functionality based on the decision of the user community. The implemented functionality and rule changes aim at a more balanced gameplay. Users which overly gained cash on the daily stock index markets will have to make better bets to maintain their pace 😉 Users […]