Prediction Markets — Why my prediction market failed–B.C. Votes 2013

By Werner Antweiler, The Globe And Mail, Thursday 16 May 2013 Tuesday’s resounding election win by the B.C. Liberals has caught most people by surprise as polls, pundits and prediction markets were all forecasting a large win by the NDP. How could they all have been so wrong? Traders in a prediction market aggregate news […]

About:Media — Betaworks’ Vision For the Future of Online News

By Seth Fiegerman, mashable, Tuesday 7 May 2013 One of the most talked about companies for online news right now isn’t a journalism outlet or a media conglomerate, but rather a small startup incubator and investor located in the heart of Manhattan’s meatpacking district. “I think you can redefine a media company for this century,” […]

About:Media — Crowdfunding news–a media experiment takes shape

By Kirsten Korosec, smartplanet, Monday 8 April 2013 Dutch journalist Rob Wijnberg made an appeal last month to the masses: invest in a digital news site–that doesn’t yet exist–that will provide a platform for long-form journalism and in-depth content detached from the typical breaking news cycle. The site, created by Wijnberg and Momkai founder Harald […]