Top Featured Markets December 2011

Predict White Christmas in your place! Will any country decide to completely abandon the Euro before the end of 2011? Beyonce And Jay-Z Expecting A Baby Girl? Beyonce and Jay-Z expecting baby … when will it be born? Will any of this season’s American Atheists billboards be vandalized? What will be the US unemployment rate […]

Market Of The Year 2011

As the year nears its end, it’s time to chose the most outstanding market of the last twelve months. Every member may propose markets in a public poll held in the forums section of Knew The News, and every member is invited to vote proposed markets up or down. On January first, we will know […]

After online for one year, Knew The News leaves its public beta stage

During twelve months since go-live of the news prediction site Knew The News, the website reached a fully functional, reliable state – based on players’ efforts. Based on massive input from the players community both on the mathematical part, which implement the market mechanisms used by the site, as well as the overall user experience, […]