About:Media — Life after Google Reader

By Eliza Kern and Laura Hazard Owen, Gigaom, Tuesday Jun. 24, 2013 For news geeks, it might have seemed like the end of the world when Google Reader announced it was shutting its doors on July 1, killing a product that was much-loved by its fans but apparently not by Google’s business department. Since Google’s […]

About:Media — Who Made That? New York Times 2013 Innovations Issue on the Web

By Alastair Reid, journalism.co.uk, Wednesday 12 June 2013 The New York Times Magazine Sunday supplement has been re-imagined for the web and an online version of this month’s ‘innovations issue’ went live on Friday, featuring 48 pages of responsive magazine content, complete with responsive advertising, built through HTML5. John Niedermeyer, as lead designer of digital […]

About:Media — How The NSA Prism Story Broke

By Irin Carmon, Salon, Monday 10 June 2013 Laura Poitras, the award-winning documentary filmmaker gave her first since she helped reveal the scope of the National Security Agency’s digital surveillance. Poitras is still in Hong Kong, where she is filming the story behind the story — including her co-author on the Guardian story and former […]