Knew The News new site version

During the last months, Knew The News was rebuild to offer improved user experience, better accessibility and easier gameplay. Check it out on! Redesign was made to further improve scalabilty also on small devices, and offers a more modern look. Find the new question creation dialog, restructured, simplified and well designed. If there is […]

About:Media — Content Economics: News

Felix Salmon, Reuters, February 11, 2014 For centuries, news has been based on a broadcasting paradigm: a small group of journalists creates a product — a self-contained news bundle — which is then consumed by a very large group of viewers or readers or listeners. Various different bundles competed for your attention: you might get […]

About:Media — How Twitter Knows When You’re Depressed

Sam Frizell, Time Magazine, January 27, 2014 With its 230 million regular users, Twitter has become such a broad stream of personal expression that researchers are beginning to use it as a tool to dig into public health problems. Believe it or not, a scientist out there might actually care about the sandwich you ate […]