The October Mug Contest

Best market making in October will be rewarded. The player which receives the best market ratings (from other users) during October will win a very special prize: A unique Knew The News mug. As October ends, the Last Month Market Creation leaderboard will reveal the winning member, for the month starting on 01.10.2011. Start creating […]

Top Featured Markets October 2011

Will George W. Bush be arrested during his visit in Canada, this month? 2011 Rugby Union World Cup Who will win? NBA Lockout: Will the complete 2011/2012 season be cancelled? Will Barack Obama make an appearance on any Occupy Wall Street gathering during October? How much will "The Fonza" Triumph Trophy TR5 sale for? Will […]

Coming up: Knew The News competitions

Within Knew The News, this new feature would allow players to compete within a limited group of fellow predictors. Once running, the players could make predictions on a subset of markets, which would be made available for the competition, and the competition would eventually end on a certain date eventually revealing a winning competitor. Starting […]