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About:Media — Who Made That? New York Times 2013 Innovations Issue on the Web

By Alastair Reid,, Wednesday 12 June 2013

The New York Times Magazine Sunday supplement has been re-imagined for the web and an online version of this month’s ‘innovations issue’ went live on Friday, featuring 48 pages of responsive magazine content, complete with responsive advertising, built through HTML5.

John Niedermeyer, as lead designer of digital news at the New York Times, has spent much of the last month considering how people best consume online content, in anticipation of the latest issue of the Times’s Magazine. “When you translate things for digital, frequently there’s a loss of a lot of the things that make a magazine such a great thing to thumb through,” explained Niedermeyer, speaking to “So one of the goals of this project was to bring part of that art direction – typography, photography, the sort of nice magazine lay out – to the digital side.”

The tactile nature of this project – creating something “that was designed to be touched first” – was central to making it attractive for mobile and tablet users; incorporating gesture navigation to swipe between content either on a mobile or tablet device or using keys on a desktop.

The attractive, responsive and intuitive nature of these HTML5 projects are at the forefront of web design for presenting content digitally. Yet the developing technology’s uses is still at an early stage, said Niedermeyer.

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