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Knew The News Launches US Presidential Election Center – Free stickers and a Mug Contest

Knew The News, the user driven news prediction game, launched its US Presidential Election Center, a powerful dashboard providing information about predictions gathered on one page.

Only weeks remain towards the United States Presidential Election. Knew The News makes it a lot easier for those interested in predictions surrounding the result of the election by publishing a special section in its site.

Predictions for each state are combined into a map of the United States, a clear and accurate view on the predicted election result for around the united states. The maps offers a significant clear view on especially the developments in the so called swing states, those states assumed to decide the result of the vote.

Additionally, a selection of the most important predictions is shown with a development graph illustrating the development of the user base assumptions.

All data on the site is updated continuously, making it a very useful tool to keep updated with current developments and public perceptions.

“User commitment is very important on Knew The News. Therefore, a special contest has been launched to encourage even more activity related to the unites states elections.” Knew The News founder Constantinus van der Kruijs said. “Knew The News promises to send every participating user making a prediction on ‘who will win the election’ free stickers in return. The one who creates the most valuable question about the election will win a set of Knew The News mugs.”

To see who Knew The News users think who will win, and with what margin, simply visit
Presidential Election Center