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Gameplay Changes, introduction of “Expert Mode”

Knew The News will change the calculation of earnings on predictions. Currently, the earnings are calculated based on the value of an option after the stake was bought. This will be changed to be based on the value of the option at the moment before the stake is bought. This way, the user will become the amount of money in return which the value of the option promises him to get.

This change will allow the user interface to be simplyfied, but will only be applicable to predictions which do not exceed a stake size of 100$K. In addition, to make the user interface even easier to understand, the ability of entering own betting amounts, to make predictions private and to define own selection entries on the dropdown list of the stake size input box, are going to be removed.

For those familiar with the game, these extended functionality will be made available again, whenever the user explicitly activates the “expert mode”. Calculation of stakes will be according the described change for stake sizes of 100$ and lower. For any amount exceeding 100$ the new method will be applied to the first 100$, everything above 100$ will be calculated in the current manner.

If you wish to comment, or to discuss these changes, feel free to add your opinion on the Knew The News Feedback Portal, or to contact Knew The News directly.