Prediction Markets — Who Will Lead the Senate? Follow the Prediction Markets

By Justin Wolfers,, Oct 11, 2014 How would commentary on the midterm election look if economists, rather than Beltway pundits, were calling the race? You would read a lot less about personalities, gaffes and gossip, and a lot more about fundamentals like the state of the economy. And you would certainly get a more […]

Prediction Markets — Bookies may be best bet to predict Referendum

By University of Stirling,, May 28, 2014 Professor David Bell from the University of Stirling looked at using “prediction markets” – which include the gambling industry – to forecast the outcome of the referendum. He concluded that these markets often produce more accurate results than relying on opinion polls, which sample opinion on the […]

Prediction Markets — Let Prediction Markets Flourish

By Adam Ozimek, Forbes, March 23, 2014 The existing evidence is positive about these markets as forecasting and information aggregation tools. But when looking at examples where these markets have underperformed we should really remember that even when Intrade was operating legally there were significant regulatory restrictions placed upon it, and most participants were operating […]

Knew The News new site version

During the last months, Knew The News was rebuild to offer improved user experience, better accessibility and easier gameplay. Check it out on! Redesign was made to further improve scalabilty also on small devices, and offers a more modern look. Find the new question creation dialog, restructured, simplified and well designed. If there is […]

Knew The News, 3 Years Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary Contest The top 5 players on the December community leaderboard will be rewarded a special prize: An unique Knew The News mug. Have a go, play now!

Why taxes are good for the game

It was a long way to get here. Many people with a broad range of political views offered their experience and shared opinions in a heated debate. The issue was a basic one: How to deal with wealthy people, who do not contribute in the community, keeping liquidity away from the society, and basically hampering […]

Top Featured Questions August 2013

Who will be UEFA’s Best Player in Europe 2013? Kerry: Obama has timeline for ending Pakistan drone strikes ‘very, very soon’ … when? What’s the Gold Price US-$/ounce (New York Fixing) on Aug-30-2013 ? How big will the Powerball jackpot grow? Will Anthony Weiner end his candidacy for NY mayor? When will Apple reveal a […]

Top Featured Questions April 2013

Will the Italian highest court reinstate the former conviction of Amanda Knox? Which coach will win Soccer – Champions League: Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich – Who will win? Who will be FHM Sexiest Woman 2013? What’s the Bitcoin Price on April 30 3013 (weighted closing mtgoxUSD) ? Will George W. Bush or Dick Cheney apologize […]

Going Mobile: Knew The News relaunches with support for mobile and touch devices

Knew The News, the free news prediction site, launched its completely renewed website, designed to increasing accessibility for smartphones and tablet users. The new version of the site was developed focusing on ease of use, flexibility, clarity and usability. Navigation was optimized and the process of making predictions has been completely redesigned to allow utilization […]

Question Of The Year 2012 Vote

As the year nears its end, it’s time to chose the most outstanding market of the last twelve months. Every member may propose markets in a public poll held in the forums section of Knew The News, and every member is invited to vote proposed markets up or down. On January first, we will know […]