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Why taxes are good for the game

It was a long way to get here. Many people with a broad range of political views offered their experience and shared opinions in a heated debate. The issue was a basic one: How to deal with wealthy people, who do not contribute in the community, keeping liquidity away from the society, and basically hampering volatility in a game based on money transactions.

Surely, nobody should be taken away its prosperity, which was earned honestly, and with huge effort and commitment. But since the refusal to participate is probably as damaging to the system as imposing incentives to keep these people investing their liquid funds is costly, the decision is merely a decision based on other reasons.

“Technically, the introduction of a technology which tracks the activity of community members isn’t a big deal,” says Constantinus van der Kruijs, founder of Knew The News, “but to reach an agreement among all of them on measures which could address this situation was far more complicated.” Nevertheless, a basic understanding was reached that inactive accounts with a huge portion of their wealth in cash should not be allowed to stay on top of a wealth leaderboard indefinitely.

“The question was: ‘How do we reduce the wealth of people who have lost interest in the game’ while at the same time prevent unjustified punishment of occasional players,” van der Kruijs adds. The solution now found, and imposed within the near future, will introduce a penalty of 1% of a player’s cash value which deducted once a day after a month of inactivity.

But the fortunate player will not lose all of its achievements. Van der Kruijs explains: “We still recognize the achievement of piling up such cash amounts by keeping track of every players’ highest net value in a separate all time net value leaderboard.” But that leaderboard is no longer the standard wealth leaderboard. And as such, van der Kruijs emphasizes, “any player will notice that it is possible to reach a top ranking on the wealth leaderboard, as long as you invest your money actively”. To give even more opportunity, the daily sign up bonus was generously increased to 1,000 KtN$.

“I encourage every new player to start today, and I promise that you’ll get to reach a top wealth leaderboard position within just a few months,” prompts Knew The News founder van der Kruijs, ” not to mention the various promotions on the site, which promise rewards for several achievements on the site.”