About:Media — 2014 Oscar Predictions: Who Will and Who Should Be Nominated

By Marlow Stern and Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast, January 15, 2014 Will Joaquin Phoenix make it? What about the Coen brothers? The Daily Beast’s resident Oscarologists debate who will—and who should—be nominated for the Oscars. Predicting the Academy Awards nominations can be a fool’s task sometimes. Remember when Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated for directing […]

Top Featured Questions August 2013

Who will be UEFA’s Best Player in Europe 2013? Kerry: Obama has timeline for ending Pakistan drone strikes ‘very, very soon’ … when? What’s the Gold Price US-$/ounce (New York Fixing) on Aug-30-2013 ? How big will the Powerball jackpot grow? Will Anthony Weiner end his candidacy for NY mayor? When will Apple reveal a […]

Top Featured Questions April 2013

Will the Italian highest court reinstate the former conviction of Amanda Knox? Which coach will win Soccer – Champions League: Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich – Who will win? Who will be FHM Sexiest Woman 2013? What’s the Bitcoin Price on April 30 3013 (weighted closing mtgoxUSD) ? Will George W. Bush or Dick Cheney apologize […]

Top Featured Markets June 2012: Promoted Markets

Will Justin Bieber beat Lady Gaga with followers on twitter as of Dec-31-2012? Win: whatabeautifullife.com 20 US$ Coupon! CPI2012 Corruption Perception Index 2012: Will United States improve 2011rank of 24 to 23 or higher? Predict and win an Amazon.com voucher! Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie: What will the name of the new baby? Predict and […]

May 2012 promoted market: Eurovision Song Contest: Which country will win?

Win: Amazon 10 EUR Gift Voucher! Correctly predict: Eurovision Song Contest: Which country will win? and take part in the raffle for the voucher. (Voucher may also be 12.50 USD or 8 GBP) Eurovision Song Contest: Which country will win?

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Predict White Christmas in your place! Will any country decide to completely abandon the Euro before the end of 2011? Beyonce And Jay-Z Expecting A Baby Girl? Beyonce and Jay-Z expecting baby … when will it be born? Will any of this season’s American Atheists billboards be vandalized? What will be the US unemployment rate […]

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Which of these songs will be the Top Christmas Cracker on the UK Top 40? Who is going to win USA"The X Factor"? Will there be a White Christmas this year in New York City? How many US banks will fail in 2011? Volvo Ocean Race: Which team will win the race? What team will […]

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Will George W. Bush be arrested during his visit in Canada, this month? 2011 Rugby Union World Cup Who will win? NBA Lockout: Will the complete 2011/2012 season be cancelled? Will Barack Obama make an appearance on any Occupy Wall Street gathering during October? How much will "The Fonza" Triumph Trophy TR5 sale for? Will […]

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Where will UARS, NASA’s defunct bus-size spacecraft, drop to earth? Bloomberg riots warning: What will happen first? How much beer will be drunk during the 2011 Munich Will UBS Chief Executive Oswald Grübel resign over the 2Billion rogue trading loss? Who will receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize? Will the NOAA 2011 Atlantic Updated Hurricane […]

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When will the first Hurricane of the 2011 season (June 1st – November 30th) be in the Gulf of Mexico? Climate Change: How bad will Holland’s 2011 summer be? Tennis: who will win the US Open Men’s Singles? Emmy Awards 2011: Outstanding Drama Series Will there be more than 140 votes in favor of a […]