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Going Mobile: Knew The News relaunches with support for mobile and touch devices

Knew The News, the free news prediction site, launched its completely renewed website, designed to increasing accessibility for smartphones and tablet users.

The new version of the site was developed focusing on ease of use, flexibility, clarity and usability. Navigation was optimized and the process of making predictions has been completely redesigned to allow utilization on touch-only devices with small screens.

According to its integral concepts of being a community driven site, Knew The News adopted various user proposed improvements.

Constantinus van der Kruijs, owner of Knew The News, said: “It has been our concern that people should be able to use Knew The News from whatever device they have at hand ever since. Web technology has evolved over the past years, so this goal became feasible, but no less compulsive.”

Ensuring a level playing field for all members of Knew The News regardless the device they use, lead to the decision to abolish the original idea to offer separate mobile web site. Instead, the Knew The News website itself has been revised to implement state of the art web technologies. These allow the website to optimize its appearance depending on the screen size of the device the visitor uses.

“The redesign will allow Knew The News to be used by people who use the internet on their smartphone, or non stationary,” added van der Kruijs, mentioning that “it is one of a number of major revision the site will undergo during 2013.”