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The Team — so far

As a result from the hiring process I am proud to announce the first assignments. A warm welcome to the following people:

Orlin /World Sports
Hendrik Annink /World Sports and Business
Elli /Business
uspais /US Sports
gotmick /Science and Technology, General and Politics
growthy /Science and Technology
Theory /Entertainment

On the site, you will recognize these people by the batch () at their names.

They will take care of their associated categories as they will keep an eye on submitted markets and will settle them, additionally they will publish markets themselves regularly. Feel free to contact them if you need assistance or have any questions about the site.

These people already have made major contributions to the site and I really see forward to working together with them making the site even more successful.

Thank you all!

We also want to welcome hfl13 for joining the team, covering Entertainment, General and Politics.