Promo Month February

Though the month of February, Knew The News will specifically reward some actions by the users with extra virtual cash: Recommending Knew The News by E-Mail. For every recipient which follows a recommendation, the user will recieve 250$. Sharing Knew The News markets on Facebook. For every market shared on Facebook, the user will recieve […]

Academy Awards coverage

Knew The News markets cover each and every Academy Awards nomination, from Best Picture through Best Director, Best Animated Feature Film and Best Costume Design to Best Sound Mixing. Be sure to predict them all! (Thanks to Theory for creating them) Enjoy predicting!

Market Creation on Knew The News

The markets on Knew The News are user generated, and any user is welcome to contribute his own markets. Technically, creating markets – or “question” as many like to name them – is a straight forward procedure: Hit the “Create Market” link on top of the page and simply fill in all fields of the […]

Knew The News User Survey

The website has been publicly available for around a month now and has already had some very good feedback previously. Feedback from users is something which cannot be overrated. It allows Knew The News to directly address any problems or wishes from the community. Therefor: Knew The News started a small user survey.  And any […]

Knew The News Brand

Knew The News now has a own brand new logo: Any feedback is appreciated 😉

Top Featured Markets: January 2011

The following is the Top 10 list interesting markets covering currently hot topics on Knew The News: Entertainment: At what position will Britney Spears’ “Hold it against me” enter the Billboard Hot 100? How many mistakes will be discovered in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”? Sports: Tennis: Australian Open: Winner ? Alpine […]