European Soccer Coverage

Starting in January, Knew The News will provide national league prediction markets covering the major european leagues. This includes: Italian Serie A, Spanish Liga Primera, German 1. Bundesliga and the English Premier League. Additionally, all matches from the Champions League and the Europa League are covered. Markets for these matches will be made available seven […]

Top Featured Markets: December 2010

The following is the Top 10 list interesting markets covering currently hot topics on Knew The News: Entertainment: Golden Globes: Best Motion Picture – Drama For how many weeks will Michael Jackson’s “Michael” be #1 on Billboard’s Album Top 200, directly from its release? Sports: Which NFL team will win the Superbowl XLV? Which player […]

Golden Globe Nominees Announced!

The nominees of the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards were named today. Knew The News prompty published a series of questions to address this event. Questions related to the Golden Globe Awards are tagged with the words “Golden Globes”, and can easily be found by this when browsing by tag-name: If you think that […]

Knew The News: Website Launch

As of December 1st, 2010, Knew The News went public. What is Knew The News? Knew The News is a free community driven news prediction site, based on the Hansons Market Maker algothms. Using a virtual currency, members make predictions on the outcome of news events by buying stakes on different outcome options. By doing […]