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Super Userkruijs
thanks! hope it tasted good ;-)
New York City, I lived there for the infamous 1938 hurricane. (I told you I was old) the most staying thing to me was my Mother yelling out the window, "get in here, it's a hurricane". I had never heard the word, didn't know what she was talking about, all I knew it was fun playing in that rain.
Hurricane in the Atlantic does not effect me at all. Irene was about 280 - 300 miles away. What does effect are those that come across the State, Florida is sand on top of water (think in terms of the Everglades). when they go up the coast like Irene, we get good weather, clear & dry. It takes all the crap with it (like a black hole).
latitude longitude. when they post those numbers I have to dive deep
OK Mick, since Irene is on the other side of the State, you had better invite me if she gets close. I'm at 27 - 82. If it gets close to my roof, it will take off. The roof is there since 1925, even longer than me.
It hasn't hit the fan yet...
Hi Gotmick,
I just lost $60,000 on one of the market questions... :(
I really do not feel badly about it. It is just play money they say...
Well, i guess that blows my mug chances for June.
Actually, i think the opposite... I view these thing (from my physics background), that sure for a given $ amount it may be easier to grow...
but proportionally.... , one cannot make as much....
At least this is my opinion... When one is small one can bet it all in a single market and just hope for the best... But when large, the markets are limited... I think it changes the character of the game, anyway... I am not so fond of the 10% tax, but it does prevent too much buying and selling. What do you think?
Hi Gotmick, Can you lend lend me $5K K, if so, i would be ahead of you! :)
(at least right now).. It will change... i usually lose it back with a couple of bad bets..
how do I place a bet on your Taco Bell question??


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