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Thanks, the stickers arrived.
too right? i tried to lose it all and start over and just won it all back!
got new computer. It will not let me access KtN. It's a Macbook Air. Don't think I had this problem with my last one. I'm e-mailing you on my old computer
Super Usergotmick
Congratulations and thanks for all your efforts this year Kruijs. Especially the cake! ;)
Super UserKentoine Johnson
I just got my mug thanks
Super UserKentoine Johnson
I'll do my best to keep it up even after this month I like making question
Super UserKentoine Johnson
30 point so close
thanks, emptied my browsers casche, and was able to bet.
this is what my message says when I try to bet: Ucaught O Auth Exception: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user. thrown in /www/htdocs/w00d2136/inc/lib/facebook.php
on line 560
hope you can understand and fix thanks Cici
okay, saving me money today, won't let me bet on anything. so, I'm going to take the car to get it washed instead.


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