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Super Userkruijs
congratulations on your September batches!
Super Userkruijs
hey, I've been posting links to markets here on HuffPo and NYT. you should consider promoting Knew The News on media outlets you usually use to keep the audience fair and balanced ;-)
Super Userkruijs
you're welcome, of course. I'll figure out why sorting isn't behaving correctly soon ;-)
@ cici...that question strikes me as quite humorous! 'did i hate you or were we friends?'
Welcome back from hubdub!
another Hubdub! Did I hate you there? or, were we friends??or, are you wondering who I am?
Super Userkruijs
thanks. and well, now you're here...
Super Userkruijs
as for your question about sorting positions: not yet
Super Userkruijs
lol, I was surprised that you actually were active from the beginning and assumed that you had experience in news prediction sites ... welcome, fof ;-)
hi NormalPride... happy to have you here, good luck, ken


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