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Exchange ideas on how a possible port could look like, who could help us out and what to contribute.


We talked about building a mobile version back in the early stages of the KtN main site, but there was so much development already going on it just wasn't a good time. I think the site is stable now and it's a great time to move forward.

I don't know about anybody else, but using the current site on my phone (Droid) drives me nuts. If it's not trying to poke things with my fingernail, it's having elements appear and cover what you're trying to see or do. The mobile site template just needs to be simple yet functional.

A good mobile site should should contain everything the full site offers, but prioritized for the needs of the people using that platform. The question, is who will use the mobile site and why. It's generally people who will continue to use the full site at home or work but like to check in while you're standing in line somewhere or sitting in a waiting room. For Super Users, it should also make it easier to settle, suspend, etc. while you're on the go.

Based on my use of the site I would like to see this:

- All content fits 300px width but also fluid for landscape view, wider screens or tablets.
- Thick accordian style menus/page sections which are easy to press and navigate.
- Auto detection of mobile device using WURFL (

Easy access to:
- Active Questions (recent bets by others)
- Recently Published Questions
- Suspending Soon
- Questions the user has bet on where odds have changed dramatically
- Comments
- Categories
- Flagged items (for Super Users)
- Suspended items (for Super Users)

If you would use a mobile version, please share your thoughts and wants. I'd like to hear some feedback before putting together some mockups. Maybe we can shoot a note out to some inactive users for their input too. Maybe put together a SurveyMonkey survey to help us identify and organize what's needed.