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I duplicated your DAX market today, because of the odds problem kruijs fixed already. Glad we both looked or we would have two DAX & NASDAQ today. The race can begin anew - we have to do something against the depressing graphic above :-)
Yes was a crazy and dangerous Friday :-)
Two millions - Congratulations !
Congrats fellow millionaire !
Super Userkruijs
got them too. resettled these markets once more with these positions. now you are payed out a second time on them.
Super Userkruijs
thanks for letting me know. I identified the error, and isolated the wrongly 0-payed winning bets. now I've resettled these markets so that all winnings should be correct now. please check those additional bookings and let me know if there are still issues.
Super Userkruijs
no, you don't have to do more. normally, your market is picked up by one of the category editors or by me as it suspends and is settled.
Super Userkruijs
found the suspension time bug and corrected it.
Super Userkruijs
thanks, looking into it


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