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Invest in Hurricane Options – A new website called Weather Risk Solutions is promising to let users buy options on where they think a hurricane might strike. The site is still in its beta stages, but the idea is modeled off of flood options which are used by investors as a way to insure their capital against floods.

For an example of how this works, lets look at the Galveston, Texas option. If you thought a hurricane might strike Galveston this year, you can purchase an option for $30.50. If unfortunately, a hurricane were to strike Galveston, you would be paid $997.40.


What do you all think of this???

Looks fun while they give you $5000 in play money, but seems like a pretty bad investment with your own money if it ever gets to that. Unless of course one is bearing down and you have a general idea where it's gonna hit. Predicting hurricanes is fun here on KtN, so I signed up for Hurlos too and will keep an eye on it for the rest of the season.

ok thanks for your opinion