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I tried to enter a new question, text:

How long will Francis I be pope?

and the form tells me the question should end with a question mark... it does!


Not sure why it would not allow that text for a title.

The question may have a very long timeline, though. Pope John Paul II reigned for almost 30 years.

Maybe there was whitespace behind the question mark? Happens to me once in a while ;-)

Nope, it still doesn't work, and there's no whitespace at the end...

However, that was IE... I retried in chrome and it works now.

which IE version did you use? IE8, IE9 or IE10?

IE 8

On a side note, there seem to be more browser-related issues... leaderboard don't work in IE either except "total wealth", "Message" (to other user) textbox is weirdly small (text isn't even visible when typed).

On a side note, how do you accept a friendship request? Didn't find that in chrome either...

What's the sorting in forums? The main page says there was something in "Questions" about an hour ago, the link leads to some ice hockey match, but just clicking the category shows a post several months old at the top, and no sign of the ice hockey match?

I'm sorry, this should be in a different thread, but I can't create a new one anymore (chrome this time, different PC W7).

I was wondering... found this batch of transactions...
about 11 hours ago xxx bought a position for option '2014' of +250.00$ @ 19.5%.
about 11 hours ago xxx bought a position for option 'In 2013' of +250.00$ @ 8.8%.
about 11 hours ago xxx bought a position for option 'after that' of +250.00$ @ 38.6%.
about 11 hours ago xxx bought a position for option '2015-2017' of +250.00$ @ 30.2%.

That's all the options and the sum < 100.0%... is this a bug, fair trading, or a flaw of the system?

the percentages move whenever a stake is bought, so these can't sum up to 100% even if you buy a stake in each of the options. the moment you bought the first position, the values of all other options is reduced.

Well it means you can buy 100% certainty for less than 100%... isn't that a flaw in the system?

What does it mean for the resulting prices of the stocks, they're back where they started? Or can you "steer' the price a bit by the order in which you do the transactions?

Hi kruijs, since it's been brought up here, I miss the ability to see what effect a *potential* bet would make on the odds. The new dialog only lets me set the amount. Any plans to bring that feature back?

the new dialog aims to simplify the interface. but I'll consider to bring it back for those users which active the expert mode in their profile.

I also miss some of the features we used to have.

I usually start with a page of questions ordered by suspension. Before we could see how much time was left until each question suspended. Now we have to click on each one to find out how much time we have.

Before, when we made a prediction we could see what our return would be as soon as we entered the amount of money we wanted to risk and before we made the decision to buy. Now we can't see what our return will be until after we commit and then have to go to Open Positions.

Regarding the Open Positions tab. When we had multiple positions we used to be able to sort them from a number of different columns. Now we can't. Also Open Positions used to give us the total amount we had invested in the question as well as our current gain or loss.

These features were very helpful and I miss them. If it isn't too difficult, is there any chance they will be restored?

The site looks normal with IE9 and also with Safari 5.1.7.

I am using what I believe is the latest version of Google Chrome. Since the update many of the small icons and graphics only appear as generic placeholders. It doesn't affect the functionality but it may detract from the appearance for someone seeing the site for the first time.

kruijs, enabling those features with an expert mode would be great.
charlesf, I also use Chrome, but have not seen any missing icons. Have you tried clearing your cache? Go to chrome://settings/ and click "advanced" and "Clear Browsing Data".

(making a new todo-list)

You can cross off any adjustments to the site for Google Chrome. Knurled was right. Once I deleted cookies and other site and plug-in data the icons came back. Thank you Knurled for the great advice.

Sorry to post here, there's a bug that disallows to create a new thread, I think it's browser or Javascript-related? Anyway:

Can someone please settle some markets? Their issues ended last weekend, or friday, and over 60% of my net worth is in them... I'd like to put that back to work.

I'm talking about:
What will be the closing value of the DJIA on Friday, April 19? 14599 or less
How many views for PSY Gentleman within 1 week? 100 to less than 250 million


@Yuri: will do so. how does it prevent you from creating a new thread? does it present you the "Start a new discussion" dialog after clicking on the "Start new discussion" button, what exactly happens when you click on "Add"?

When I click the "new thread" button, the script takes a bit more room between the horizontal bar, and "Discussions in..." labels, but it's all white. No mouse-over anything between them. When I click "New thread" again, the extra whitespace seems to disappear.

But honestly, do you really want to write forum software yourself?? It seems buggy to say the least, and many mainstream forums have way better features, like " highlight new topic". ect. Why not just use PHP-BB?


I know. But integrating an existing, solution seamlessly into the site - without most of the unneeded fancy stuff - is far more complicated than writing that part myself. Remember: Everything on Knew The News you see is individually developed. To put Knew The News into a portal framework, simply doesn't work. Initially, I wanted to build the site upon Drupal, but I soon realized that such a portal software limits me more than it offers me any additional value. An exception is the Blog part, which is a standard WordPress blog system.