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Karl Rove's Fearless Political Predictions for 2014: How many Senate seats will the GOP have?

Karl Rove's Fearless Political Predictions for 2014: How many Senate seats will the GOP have?

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Winning option:50 or more senate seats Republican candidates wagered that big bucks from outside political groups could overcome their own fundraising shortfalls ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

They were right. On Tuesday night, Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate for the first time in eight years.

Groups connected to Rove and the Koch brothers were among the biggest winners in Tuesday’s midterm elections. Of the 10 U.S. Senate races where either the Rove-linked nonprofit Crossroads GPS or its sister super PAC, American Crossroads, was active, their favored candidates prevailed in at least six—with the Alaska Senate race still too close to call at this writing and a runoff election coming next month in Louisiana. Similarly, of the nine U.S. Senate races where the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity was active, its favored candidates also prevailed in at least five contests. Only in New Hampshire and Michigan did the Crossroads groups and Americans for Prosperity see defeat.



Karl Rove: My Fearless Political Predictions for 2014

So what does my crystal ball say for 2014? GOP will most likely end up with 50 or 51 Senate seats.


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Karl Rove said Tuesday that while President Barack Obama’s current low approval ratings may seem to bode well for the GOP in the November midterm elections, Republicans still need to present a positive alternative to the president’s agenda.

If “Republicans get cocky, think the election is over and think that all they need to do is to play it safe and beat up on Obama,” Rove said on Fox News, “Democrats are going to win more races than they otherwise should.”

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Dozens of states will hold Senate primaries this year, beginning with Texas on Tuesday. Here is a look at the key races in every state. The outlook of each contest is based on an analysis of data from the Cook Political Report and from Larry Sabato, a professor of politics at the University of Virginia.


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