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Will Serena Williams ever win another Open?


Will Serena Williams ever win another Open?

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Settled on 03/25/2024 13:11 Settled by Super UserJosef Biesenberger
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Aukland Jan 12 2020



Serena Williams says she was not cheating in the US Open final and accuses the umpire of sexism in docking her a game.

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This question was wrongly settled. See below the clarification from the creator mr Stephen Tilley.
It says, 4 years ago: "Clarification: for 'open' read 'grand slam'.

   Myra Carter Symons predicted Yes

She is the bomb. So of course.

   Super UserStephen Tilley

Clarification: for 'open' read 'grand slam'

   Super UserStephen Tilley

Serena Williams says she would not have believed after her first US Open title in 1999 that she would be playing in a record 10th final 20 years later.

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