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Will Gold/Silver-Ratio climb above 80 at any day (intraday) in 2015 ?

Will Gold/Silver-Ratio climb above 80 at any day (intraday) in 2015 ?

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What everyone should know about gold and silver

> It is generally agreed that silver is about 15 to 17 times more abundant than gold in the earths crust. Historically, both gold and silver were monetary metals used all over the world.

> Despite being only 15 to 17 times less abundant than silver, gold has been worth much more than 17 times the price of silver starting from the 20th century.

> Starting from the beginning of the 20th century, the Gold Silver Ratio has varied between roughly 1:15 to roughly 1:90. Most of the time, between 1:30 and 1:60. Prior to this, the Gold Silver Ratio used to be much lower.

> This change coincided with the halt in issuing gold and silver-based coinage for use as money. Nowadays, silver is mostly an industrial metal with an important investment element. Gold is still mostly used as a store of value.

> Gold and silver tend to move together. When gold rises, silver rises even faster. When gold drops, silver drops even faster. Silver is much more volatile than gold.


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