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Corruption Perception Index 2021: Will United States improve their 2020 rank of 25 to 24 or higher?

Leading Prediction: NO:  United States will stay with rank 25 or lowerNO: United States will stay with rank 25 or lower

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Will Gold Price be below 1.800 US-$ / ounce (monthly average) in Aug_2021 to Jan_2022?

Leading Prediction: in all 6 months below 1.800 $

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Which is the next country to lose its standard & poors AAA rating?

Leading Prediction: AustraliaAustralia

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How many seasons of House Of Cards will be made?

Leading Prediction: 3 to 5

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When will FINRA Margin Debt climb above Oct_2021-high of 935,9 bill USD?

Leading Prediction: Nov_2021

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What's the Silver Price US-$/ounce (NY Fixing) on Feb-26-2021 ?

Leading Prediction: less than 25.5 US-$

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Which Stock will have best 16 months performance between Dec-3-2020 and Apr-3-2022 ?

Leading Prediction: DAC DanaosDAC Danaos

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Which will be BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand 2022?

Leading Prediction: AppleApple

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