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Will cold fusion energy become a reality before the end of 2020?

Will cold fusion energy become a reality before the end of 2020?

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More than 20 years after the term “cold fusion” became a pariah in the science world, researchers are once again speaking about it … not only openly, but enthusiastically.

“Years ago, many scientists were afraid to speak about ‘cold fusion’ to a mainstream audience,” researcher Jan Marwan told attendees at a symposium on “New Energy Technology” held during this week’s National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco. “Now most of the scientists are no longer afraid … More and more people are becoming interested in it. There’s still some resistance to this field. But we just have to keep on as we have done so far, exploring cold fusion step by step, and that will make it a successful alternative energy source.”

The term “cold fusion” entered the popular lexicon in 1989, when researchers Martin Fleishmann and Stanley Pons claimed they had achieved nuclear fusion at room temperature using a simple, inexpensive tabletop device. However, the wild excitement that greeted their news quickly dissipated when other scientists couldn’t reproduce their results. Pons and Fleishmann eventually closed their labs and left for France to continue their research at a laboratory sponsored by Toyota. That lab closed in 1998 without any success in achieving cold fusion, and the term itself fell into disrepute.

Recently, though, the pendulum has begun to swing back in the other direction. A growing number of studies on the topic have been published in academic journals in the past few years and the ACS has seen a quadrupling in cold fusion-related presentations at its National Meetings since 2007.

“The field is now experiencing a rebirth in research efforts and interest, with evidence suggesting that cold fusion may be a reality,” Marwan said.



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   UnknownOne2013 predicted No

They might succeed in a lab environment but this doesn't mean it will work outside of a lab environment. I think that cold fusion has a similar amount of difficulty as artificially creating elements.

   rubycarat predicted Yes

Cold fusion already exists, so by definition, it is a reality before 2020.

   Alain Coëtmeur

Note this positive article on la Tribune

I don't support all it says.

Note that besode Woodford investment, Blackrock follows the story since long

   Alain Coëtmeur predicted Yes

Beacuse I'm following the subject since 2016, and even 1993.
Scientific evidences are clear, and business evidences are growing. It will take time but only few years to fight denial and groupthink.

   Alain Coëtmeur

Fortune interview darden,
Woodford fund confirm they invested 50 Mn in industrial heat
many other data studied (like equity structure of IH).

Japan NEDO/Impact investment in research involving Toyota, Nissan, MHI, Tohoku university

Chinese-US technology park in Baishishan contain partnership on Nickel-Hydrogen LENr energy (E-cat)
Darden talk there

Science academy of india allow publication of an LENR special issue in it's journal, Current science
3rd LENR-Indi meeting

Norway engineering body TEKNA/NTVA host an LENR conference
many article in Aftenposten

Airbus Group chief scientist supports an LENR startup, LENR-Cities
propose challenge
organize in Airbus Toulouse ISCMNS workshop
and attends Avignon SFSNMC RNBE2016 conference in Avignon (I was there, like him)

Swedish Elforsk funded E-cat test and publish reports

and many more, I'm tired.


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