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About:Media — Life after Google Reader

By Eliza Kern and Laura Hazard Owen, Gigaom, Tuesday Jun. 24, 2013

For news geeks, it might have seemed like the end of the world when Google Reader announced it was shutting its doors on July 1, killing a product that was much-loved by its fans but apparently not by Google’s business department.

Since Google’s announcement, there’s been a burst of launches of some variation of an RSS reader or new reading app. Many of the apps are quite similar to the old Google Reader — to a certain extent, if you’re just doing a basic replication of Google Reader, there’s not much to think about in terms of design.

But there are some key differences among the RSS options — including mobile options, development resources and cost.

So we decided to break down some of the leading options to help you figure out which one is right for you.

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