Posted on by kruijs

New Features On Knew The News

After a few months of reduced development on the site, some new features and improvements have been implemented during the last month:

  • Subscribe to markets
    A digest notification message is send to users periodically containing information on developments in markets to which the user subscribed. Subscription to a market is independent from making predictions.
  • Short selling
    Expert mode users may bet against options. Players are able to predict that a certain outcome may not occur in their opinion, without the need to buy stakes on each of the other options.
  • Track your invitations to Knew The News
    Whenever you send an invitation, you are now able to track the invitations state, and eventually resend the invitation.
  • Improvements on market details
    Knew The News tracks the number of visits on a market page, and now allows more suitable news stories related to the market topic to be displayed on the page.