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Knew The News User Survey

The website has been publicly available for around a month now and has already had some very good feedback previously.

Feedback from users is something which cannot be overrated. It allows Knew The News to directly address any problems or wishes from the community.

Therefor: Knew The News started a small user survey.  And any user who responds to it with any kind of reasonable info will be awarded 1,000 virtual bucks on Knew The News.

  • – What do you think about Knew The News, in general?
  • – To what extend do you think you understand the purpose and the functionality of the site?
  • – Have you noticed any problems while using the website? If so: What kind of problems?
  • – What functionality or features do you miss most on the site? What could be better?

If you have any input you wish to share, please don’t hesitate to email it to:

Thank you very much for participating,
Enjoy predicting!