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Super Userkruijs
howdy ;-)
Super Userkruijs
you're getting closer. I was considering a program in which members could purchase some merchandising stuff. they would pay with their virtual K$ balance. Well I guess, yours is too low now anyway ;-)
Super Userkruijs
hey, I always thought you were too right. glad you took care of it yourself ;-)
Super Userkruijs
lol, just a little bug ;-)
i think there's something wrong with the system i've got $1,930,703.32 as a net woth showing on my profile. i think theres gotta be a REALLY BIG BUG running around
Super Userkruijs
well, you can't know if Assange has been nominated too, but it is not unlikely. for the sake of clarity, I'll add to the settlement details that the question does only refer to the WikiLeaks portal, not to Assange, if ok for you.
Super Userkruijs
hey, cool market: Will WikiLeaks win the Nobel Peace Prize ?
what was your intention, how would it settle when the person of Julian Assange would be rewarded the nobel peace price?
Super Userkruijs
found it, hey ;-)
i'm not ignoring anyone. i can't seem to accept friend invites


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