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Hendrik Annink

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All time highest net worth: 119,014.48 KtN$ (reached: 09/17/2011)

Current net worth : 999.70 KtN$

Predictions : 1,146

Second most successfull member in marketcreation 7/2011Third successfull member in marketcreation 6/2011Most successfull member in marketcreation 4/2011Second most successfull member in marketcreation 3/2011Most successfull member in marketcreation 1/2011

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I hate to complain but "Money" still says 10,939.95
Where did you take you figure?
this is re Dow poker 10/5
Yo, Hendrik, Congratulations on all your awards...
Do you know what's up with all the new numbers in calculate "wealth"... ?
thanks, ken
Super UserElli
Where is the NASDAQ's question? I like it a lot! :)
I bet on both markets before I knew they were closed. How do I get my millions back? or, just sell & take the loss? Or, carry through to Monday?
apparently the stock is closed in New York. Are we working on others for DOW ?
re hfl13's comment.... It affects the hands, and makes them virtually random #s (by not using the first digits)... It is your question and u can choose it any way you want...Similarly hfl can make another question using first digits...
Super Userkruijs
seems you found your way in ;-)


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