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What will be the Sunspot Number (Average Jan-Dec) for 2020 ?

What will be the Sunspot Number (Average Jan-Dec) for 2020 ?

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Jan: 57,0__26,1___6.8
Feb: 56,4__26,4__10.7
Mar: 54,1__17.7___2.5
Apr: 38,0__32.3___8.9
Mai: 52,1__18.9__13.1
Jun: 20,9__19.2__15.6
Jul: 32,5__18.3___1.6
Aug: 50,7__33.1___8.7
Sep: 44,7__43.6___3.3
Okt: 33,4__13.2___4.9
Nov: 21,4 ___5.7___4.9
Dec: 18,5___8.2___3.1

Update: Prediction method has been slightly revised Feb-16-2012.
original text:
Solar Cycle Prediction
The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 99 in February of 2013. We are currently about three years into Cycle 24. Increased activity in the last few months has raised the predicted maximum and moved it earlier in 2013. The current predicted size still make this the smallest sunspot cycle in over 80 years.


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