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Will Mike Pompeo still be secretary of state on April 26, 2022?


Will Mike Pompeo still be secretary of state on April 26, 2022?

Asked by: Super UserStephen Tilley in Politics » United States
Settled on 04/21/2022 15:56 Settled by Super UserJosef Biesenberger
Winning option:No



The ex-CIA chief is voted in by senators after a bruising confirmation battle.


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Shouldn't this be resolved by now?

   Super Usercharlesf

According to the graph, Yes hasn't been above 33% at any time in the past year. Also, no matter what time frame I check the graph always starts at 67% No and 33% Yes.


Is some software on the site broken?

At current time this question is around 80% No, but in the list of Best Rated questions,it says the most popular option is Yes.

Now it might just be that this question is very volatile, and the question list is only rarely updated (ie recently this question was over 50% Yes, but it has changed dramatically since), but I recall the same issue with a different question only a couple of weeks ago.

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