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What NFL team will Tony Romo play for in 2017 NFL season?


What NFL team will Tony Romo play for in 2017 NFL season?

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Winning option:Tony Romo is not sign to any NFL team at the start of NFL 2017 regular season


Denver Broncos
Chicago Bears
New York Jets
Any other NFL team not mentioned above.
Tony Romo is still a Cowboy at the start of NFL 2017 regular season
Tony Romo is not sign to any NFL team at the start of NFL 2017 regular season


Although Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said this week that he’s had no thoughts of Tony Romo playing for a team other than the Cowboys in 2017, it’s a little hard to believe Romo will be with Dallas much longer.

For one thing, it’s silly to think the Cowboys are going to keep Romo as a $14 million backup (with a nearly $25 million cap hit thanks for bonuses and restructuring), and for another, it would be silly for Romo to be OK with simply carrying a clipboard in Dallas when he made it pretty clear during his reflective Tuesday podium appearance that he still wants to play.
Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks Dak Prescott (4) and Tony Romo head in opposite directions. (Getty Images)
So of course the question becomes, where would Romo go?

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Romo has targeted the Denver Broncos. John Elway stepped up a few years ago to get Peyton Manning, a move that paid off for both sides. Denver has some great pieces on offense with receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, young running back Devontae Booker and C.J. Anderson, who is currently on injured reserve, plus the Broncos have one f the best defenses in the NFL.

Of course, the Broncos also have Trevor Siemian, who has started most of the team’s games this year, and drafted Paxton Lynch. But if, as Rapoport writes, Elway decides Siemian isn’t the answer long-term and/or Lynch needs more time to develop, he could decide Romo is the way to go.

Rapoport also mentioned the Bears, Jets, Cardinals and Bills as possible landing spots for Romo, adding that the 36-year old will have a lot of say in where he ends up.

One more note from Rapoport: while Romo’s good friend, Dallas tight end Jason Witten, believes Romo will play next year, Rapoport was told that retirement is a consideration, and if that comes to pass, he would remain part of the Cowboys’ organization in some capacity.

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