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US 2016 Presidential election. Sanders vs Trump?

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US 2016 Presidential election. Sanders vs Trump?

Asked by: Super UserStephen Tilley in Politics » United States
Settled on 07/27/2016 09:27 Settled by Super UserStephen Tilley
Winning option:No, Donald but not Bernie Mr Trump but not Senator Sanders



If not Bush and Clinton this must be considered.


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   Super UserBuckeyeTom

Looks like Clinton and Donald after the outcome of the NY primary vote was known.

   Super UserStephen Tilley

Law professor and purveyor of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds opined in a Wednesday USA Today editorial that the 2016 presidential election may well put Donald Trump vs. Sen. Bernie Sanders, once seen as a low probability event. Clinton’s poll numbers continue to crater as her scandals and her general unlikeability have combined to devour her campaign.

   John Miller predicted No, Neither Bernie nor Donald

No idea why but I am a pessimist so I don't think Bernie will win as long as there is Hillary.

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