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Will the Yield for Spanish Government 10yr-Bonds surpass 3% at any daily closing during 2015 ?

Will the Yield for Spanish Government 10yr-Bonds surpass 3% at any daily closing during 2015 ?

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- As dust settles from last week's summit of European leaders, fear about Spain's credibility in the bond market has returned.
The yield on Spanish 10-year bonds briefly jumped back above 7% on Friday before edging back, a sign that investors aren't convinced the "breakthrough" agreement struck by EU leaders will stabilize the euro debt crisis.
The Spanish 10-year bond yield ended the day at 6.95%.
Analysts say that European Central Bank president Mario Draghi's sobering assessment of the eurozone's economic growth prospects on Thursday brought investors' fear to a boil.
"We see now weakening of growth in the whole of the euro area including countries that had not experienced that before," Draghi said.
The yield has been near 7% since last month, marking the highest level since the euro launched in 1999. The 7% level is psychologically significant since it typically signals that financial rescue is needed.
Greece, Ireland and Portugal moved much higher before they required a bailout, but the number still unnerves investors. Italy's 10-year yield, which was up above 6% on Friday, breached 7% back in January.
But Spain has stayed front and center in the eyes of investors, and analysts say that the nation can't afford to borrow at 7% for long.


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