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Quick: How many of U2's Invisible will be downloaded today?

Quick: How many of U2's Invisible will be downloaded today?

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Winning option:1 to less than 5 million downloads Over the course of 36 hours, U2 helped raise over $3 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by releasing their new song "Invisible" for free. The period began on Super Bowl Sunday and for each download, Bank of America donated one dollar to (RED), an organization Bono cofounded in 2006 to combat AIDS.



Today, U2 made their new song "Invisible" available as a free download on iTunes. But, in a way, the song is even better than free: Bank of America has promised to give one dollar for each download of the track — which Bono has called a "sneak preview" of the band's next record — to (RED), the organization Bono cofounded in 2006 to help fight AIDS.

Although the band said it would debut the track tonight during the Super Bowl, the group put the song on iTunes shortly after noon today. According to USA Today, the song will be removed from iTunes on Tuesday.

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After fans were given a glimpse into U2's new material with the unveiling of Invisible at this weekend's Super Bowl, Bono has spoken about the anxieties and inspiration behind their 13th studio album.

In an interview with Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, the singer paid particular attention to the group's insecurities, admitting that the band questioned whether a new U2 would hold any relevance. "We were trying to figure out, 'Why would anyone want another U2 album?' And then we said, 'Well, why would we want one?' There was some unfinished business. We felt like we were on the verge of irrelevance a lot in our lives," he said.

Bono also shared his doubts on the song Invisible. "I think Invisible is a great song, but I don't know how accessible it is. We'll find out if we're irrelevant. I'm perfectly prepared for people to try and blow us off the stage. We're just not going to make it easy."


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