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Will Daniel G. Lumlung  be found guilty  of  "attempted rape of a child in the third degree"?

Will Daniel G. Lumlung be found guilty of "attempted rape of a child in the third degree"?

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SEATTLE -- Prosecutors have charged a teacher and coach accused of trying to sexually assault a teenage girl.

Daniel G. Lumlung, who teaches at Cascade Middle School and coaches the Mount Rainier High School girls' volleyball team, has been charged with attempted rape of a child in the third degree.

According to the statement of probable cause, Lumlung, 34, met a 15-year-old girl on a chat line last month and asked her to meet him at Lake Meridian Park. The girl, who was babysitting two young boys at the time, walked to the park with the two boys in tow, investigators said.

At the park, the man, who claimed to be 31, asked the girl several times to perform sex acts on him. When the girl refused, the man asked her to pose in sexually suggestive ways. The girl also refused these requests, the document said.

At one point, the man asked the teen to follow him into a park bathroom, according to detectives. When the man went inside, the girl gathered up the two young boys and left.

The following day, the girl received an email and an instant message from the man.

"You left the park without saying goodbye... hope you are cool. let me know whats up!" the email read. The man also asked the teen when he could see her again. The girl told the man she didn't want to meet again as he was a stranger and much older. She then blocked his accounts so that he could no longer reach her.

The girl told her mother about the messages and the incident at the park, and the mother, in turn, alerted school authorities. The victim is not a student in the Highline School District.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and identified Lumlung as the user behind the accounts from which the messages to the teen had been sent. Through a photo lineup, the teen confirmed Lumlung as the man with whom she'd had contact.

Lumlung, a Renton resident, was arrested last week. When questioned by detectives, he admitted to having engaged in sexually explicit conversation with the teen, but said it was she who'd set the tone of the exchange.

Lumlung denied having had any other sexually suggestive contact with minors, but admitted to keeping secrets from his wife. He said he sometimes answers personals ads on Craigslist, and has received pornographic images from women he met online.

Lumlung, who does not have a prior criminal record, has been released on bail.

He has been placed on administrative leave while the district conducts its own investigation.

"We acted immediately as soon as Kent police approached us," said district spokesperson Catherine Carbone Rogers. "We're always very concerned about student safety. That's our top priority."

The district has also notified parents, Rogers said.


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   Super UserKentoine Johnson

Not guilty plea in attempted child rape case
Highline school district employee Daniel G. Lumlung pleaded not guilty to third degree attempted child rape in King County court on November 28th, according to court documents. Lumlung, 34 is accused of asking a 15-year-old girl to perform oral sex at a Kent park after meeting her in an online chat room. King County Judge Mary E. Roberts issued a pretrial restraining order requiring Lumlung to stay 500 feet away from the alleged victim until Nov. 16, 2013. Additionally. Lumlung was ordered to have "no contact, directly or indirectly in person, writing or by phone, personally or through another person with all minors except his own children," according to court documents. On Nov. 28, Lumlung's attorney David Marshall withdrew himself from the case. In Marshall's place, Ali Nakkour of the Freedom Law Firm took over as the defendant's attorney.

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