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Swiss federal election 2011: Will the kidnapped goat be returned?

Swiss federal election 2011: Will the kidnapped goat be returned?

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Winning option: settled market on option 'Yes'. Details: SVP mascot tied to tree in Witikon found - black sprayed



A week before the federal elections of the SVP, their mascot, the goat buck "Zottel", disappeared. The animal was stolen out of his stud in the canton of Zurich.

Allegedly, a claim of responsibility for the kidnapping, issued by an anti-fascist organization, exists on the Internet.

The two pygmy goats live on the farm of SVP National Ernst Schibli Otelfingen in ZH. From there they disappeared during the night Friday to Saturday. He has called the police and filed charges, he said.

Will the goat be returned before the elections take place?

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